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A few months shy of her 21st birth­day and Yassi has a movie, an al­bum, a host­ing gig, and a Cosmo cover. But right now, all she wants is cof­fee. She loves the stuff, and even had a phase where she drank four cups a day. Today though, she’s post­pon­ing her crav­ings un­til af­ter the cam­era ex­its the build­ing.

“To be hon­est, I had to go on a diet for this shoot,” says the self-con­fessed sweet tooth and lover of pizza. Choco­late is a “reg­u­lar in [her] life.” She talks about ba­lut the way women talk about their hus­bands—with love and fond­ness. Her makeup artist chimes in, agree­ing with a story about how the ac­tress started in­dulging in the Pi­noy del­i­cacy while wear­ing only her sports bra.

Yassi points at her mid­sec­tion, which looks as though it’s been chis­eled by a Greek sculp­tor. “These abs aren’t al­ways here. In the morn­ing, they’re there. They say ‘Hello,’ but af­ter all the donuts, they tend to go away,” she jokes.


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The MTV VJ is fa­mous for her sharp hip-hop moves, but she gets her pic­ture-per­fect cuts from do­ing ac­tual gru­el­ing work­out drills, not danc­ing. “I only dance for TV and re­hearsals and those only last about 20 min­utes!”

Her ex­er­cise of choice? Box­ing and kick­box­ing, which help strengthen her legs. She used to box of­ten enough to con­sider it her sport, but now she works out at home us­ing var­i­ous fit­ness apps. “I get bored very eas­ily, so I al­ways try some­thing new or take work­outs in turns,” Yassi ex­plains. Tread­mills are a no-no, and if she does go out for a run, she has to keep chang­ing routes.

She’s on the Nike Train­ing Club app, with rou­tines as short as 15 to 30 min­utes. She tells us about 7, an­other app which cu­rates HIIT (high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing) pro­grams. “The work­outs last only seven min­utes, but they’re very in­tense and there’s no rest. You have three lives, three hearts, and you lose one if you skip a day.”

A smile forms on her lips. “Hindiko siyag­i­na­gawa,siyem­pre,” she whis­pers, mat­ter-of-fact. “I try to do the one on the third day so I won’t die.” De­spite her lit­tle cheats and sneaks, Yassi is in the zone. “This isn’t my nat­u­ral body type, so I have to work re­ally hard,” she ad­mits. “There are work­outs now that are re­ally made to match your life­style, so there’s no ex­cuse.”

The twin­kle in her eyes turns earnest. “This is my re­spon­si­bil­ity be­cause I’m in this in­dus­try. I have an obli­ga­tion to fit into what the clients want,” she says. “That doesn’t mean I have to give up the stuff I love, which is food, but I re­spect my job—and part

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