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Ker­ato­sis pi­laris (the name for the rough, chicken skin–like bumps, of­ten found on the backs of the arms) is caused by trapped ker­atin, a pro­tein in hair and skin, says Dr. Go­hara. While ge­netic, ker­ato­sis pil­laris may be ex­ac­er­bated by phys­i­cal buf­fers (think: scrubs and loofahs).

It’s all about a gen­tle dou­ble ex­fo­li­a­tion: a gly­colic- acid wipe fol­lowed by lac­tic- acid lo­tion. To­gether, they grad­u­ally dis­solve ker­atin while smooth­ing skin (sans ir­ri­ta­tion or ad­di­tional in­flam­ma­tion).

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