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Why wait un­til you ar­rive? there are plenty of steamy ways to get it on while you’re on the go. if you’re ballsy enough to pull it off—be­cause get­ting caught can po­ten­tially land you in hand­cuffs—here’s how. First rule of the Mile-high

Club? Don’t let any un­men­tion­ables touch the lava­tory. stand and face away from him with your legs to­gether as he en­ters you from be­hind. Bend slightly for­ward, brac­ing your­self against the wall, for g-spot in­flight de­light. Have him cup your breast with one hand and grip your waist with the other for bal­ance. or he can glide that hand to your clit to make you feel like you’re float­ing on air. And we don’t have to

tell you to be quick.

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Make a splash by us­ing the bed as a coital div­ing board. Lie on your back with your legs in the air as he stands at the foot of the bed fac­ing you. Now cross your legs, keep­ing them straight up, as he thrusts into you. your mus­cle clench­ing makes you feel su­per tight, and his body’s move­ment with the boat’s rock­ing will have you mak­ing your

own waves.

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to make the most of your train ride with­out get­ting cast out of the car, snug­gle up un­der the free blan­ket and en­gage in light over­the-pants stroking. if

he’s in his travel sweats, it should be

easy to find and gen­tly cup his balls.

the fore­play will warm you both up for

later. All aboard!

in a

First, pull over and throw

out all the food wrap­pers—not sexy. Now, have him push his seat back as far as it goes and sit with his legs out in front of him. He may be in the

driver’s seat, but by strad­dling him, you get to con­trol the grind­ing of your pelvises, which prac­ti­cally guar­an­tees a cli­toral o. (Note: you are ad­vised to pee at the next rest stop.)

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