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“For me, the key is to just be open and re­cep­tive. The only word com­ing to mind is ‘con­sumer,’ but I mean to con­sume ideas both within and out­side your genre, and even be­yond your own art form. One of the things that has in­spired me in the past was be­ing in artist colonies where you’ll be work­ing on your book along­side play­wrights, painters, per­form­ers. Just pay­ing at­ten­tion to their process and the things they’re work­ing on al­lows you to see the prob­lems in your work in a new way so you can find so­lu­tions.” On Be­ing true to your­self: “I think ad­vice that I could have used when I was younger is just to fol­low what your cu­riosi­ties are, even if they don’t feel se­ri­ous. I used to have that sep­a­ra­tion in my mind of what is lit­er­ary and high-brow Here’s the thing about fails: and what is stuff you on­ly­whether you’ve just got­ten talk about a fam­ily party.fired (work fail), com­pletely I think what­ever in­spires­blanked on an ac­quain­tance’s you and feels fun can be lit-name at a party (so­cial fail), er­ary and can be fod­der foror say, tweeted po­ten­tially ofy­our work. It doesn’t have­fen­sive quips to your millions to be ‘high cul­ture’; you justoftwit­ter fol­low­ers (so­cial have to love it.” me­dia-ca­reer fail), it al­ways

feels like an epic blun­der. On Con­quer­ing Cre­ative (Un­less you’re Char­lie Sheen Hur­dles: or Don­ald Trump, who have el“I see [men­tal block] now ise­vated ig­nor­ing their mis­takes as part of the whole process.toan art form) It’s not some­thing tak­ing You can blame that heap­ing you away from writ­ing; it­dose of hu­mil­i­a­tion on evoluis writ­ing. The times when­tion, ex­plains Brenda Bauer, a you’re staring at the screenpsy­chol­o­gist and psy­choanaor the page and noth­ing’slyst in New York City. “Hu­com­ing out is as much mans are so­cial be­ings, and writ­ing as when you’re firedwe get a fair amount of our up and in the zone and the­self-es­teem from the tribe.” words are flow­ing. One And if we think the tribe piece of good ad­vice that Idis­ap­proves of our be­hav­ior, got along the way is if youwe panic. There’s even a term can’t write, you can al­waysfor that pit-in-the-stom­ach, read, and that in­evitably full-face-flush feel­ing: nar­gets things mov­ing again­cis­sis­tic mor­ti­fi­ca­tion. Put for me.” sim­ply, says Bauer, “You feel

like you’ve just died.”

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