The fail

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - You, You, You - You got a pot ci­ta­tion at a mu­sic festival—which seemed like no big­gie at the time, but now you re­al­ize it’s ba­si­cally like be­ing ar­rested (read: You have to go to court and could be sen­tenced). Whah?

As if we’re not hard enough on our­selves, our con­nected, 24/7 news­feed world makes it easy for oth­ers to jump on the pub­lic-sham­ing band­wagon— mean­ing yes, ev­ery­one might be ob­sess­ing as much as you are, if only for the few sec­onds it takes to for­ward a link. Even “pri­vate” fails aren’t pri­vate, when a snap­shot of reg­u­lar, non­celebrity you emerg­ing from the crystal blue wa­ters of a Caribbean beach with your bikini bot­toms askew can go vi­ral in min­utes.

“With so many more plat­forms for com­mu­ni­cat­ing than ever be­fore, it in­creases the speed at which a fail can spread,” says Matthew Hiltzik, founder of Hiltzik Strate­gies, a cor­po­rate and cri­sis com­mu­ni­ca­tions firm in New York City. “Plus there’s a pre­sump­tion that peo­ple should know bet­ter.”

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