Shak­ing it Off

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As beloved as she is, Pia, just like ev­ery per­son in the spot­light, isn’t im­mune to the on­slaught of haters. From rude callers dur­ing ra­dio guest­ings to hate­ful In­sta­gram com­ments, peo­ple have come out of the wood­work with all the mean-spirit­ed­ness that can only be as­sumed is an at­tempt to bank on an­other per­son’s fame. But, Pia be­ing Pia, she deals with them in a way that Cos­mopoli­tan april 2016 fur­ther ce­ments the opin­ion of how well -de­served her win was. “I ac­tu­ally find it en­ter­tain­ing for my­self to deal with them, be­cause I like a good chal­lenge,” she says with a con­spir­a­to­rial grin. Ev­ery time it’s hap­pened, she has never put any­one down, never made any po­ten­tially in­flam­ma­tory state­ments; she’s stayed noth­ing less than classy. “When I’m faced with a sit­u­a­tion where I have to think fast, I like that. I don’t know why, but I like get­ting my­self out of sit­u­a­tions like that. It keeps it in­ter­est­ing,” she adds.

It shouldn’t come as a sur­prise, though. From the very mo­ment her reign be­gan, she’s been the re­cip­i­ent of enough neg­a­tive com­men­tary to make even the most sea­soned pub­lic fig­ure shed a tear. But it’s her spirit and abil­ity to tran­scend pet­ti­ness that make even that in­fa­mous pageant mo­ment seem like an­cient his­tory.

The road to suc­cess is never easy, but Pia is no stranger to dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions. Af­ter all, this is the girl whose modelling and act­ing ca­reer be­gan at a ten­der age to help sup­ple­ment the fam­ily in­come, and who went through the rig­or­ous Binib­in­ing Pilip­inas pageant process three times be­fore she fi­nally made it to the big leagues. “I think that if it weren’t for the times that I didn’t make it right away, this win wouldn’t be as ful­fill­ing. It wouldn’t be as re­ward­ing if it didn’t take so long and if I didn’t work so hard,” she says. “If it

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