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Clin­ique Chubby stick shadow tint For Eyes in lots o’ latte, NYX pow­der Blush in Desert Red, We’ve heard strange-but­true tales of women around the world who’ve done just about any­thing in the name of beauty— Korea’s snail fa­cials, Prague’s beer baths, Amer­ica’s celebs shav­ing their faces for smoother skin—but Ja­pan’s by­o­jaku face, aka the ‘hang­over look,’ has got our minds more bog­gled than the time we heard about their ‘bagel fore­head’ trend (no com­ment…). So, while Cosmo has been di­vulging se­crets on con­ceal­ing a night of bad choices, tu­to­ri­als in Ja­pan are do­ing just the op­po­site. The key to this rough, morn­ing-af­ter look is to fake a sickly com­plex­ion, greasy hair, and redrimmed peep­ers (with the help of a lit­tle red blush un­der­neath eyes). Korea sees Ja­pan’s #woke­u­p­likethis look, and raises stakes with fake eye bags which are meant to look…um, cute. The ae­gyosal trend uses taupe shadow to ac­cen­tu­ate the fleshy skin un­der eyes, mak­ing them ap­pear puffy from lack of sleep. We’re still wait­ing for blem­ishes to be­come the next big thing… Estée lauder mod­ern muse Eau de Rouge EDT, We live in a world of con­tin­u­ous ur­ban­iza­tion that forces us—our skin in par­tic­u­lar—to con­stantly bat­tle skin dam­age caused by in­creased UV ex­po­sure from elec­tronic de­vices, dan­ger­ous nanopar­ti­cles in our pol­luted air, etc. Our skin needs all the help it can get and luck­ily, Pond’s has of­fered a hand. The Pond’s In­sti­tute has tem­po­rar­ily set up shop in BGC to of­fer women free con­sul­ta­tions (with a cer­ti­fied der­ma­tol­o­gist on Satur­days). Upon en­ter­ing, women un­dergo a Skin An­a­lyzer that pin­points their most press­ing skin con­cerns, and based on your results, res­i­dent beauty ad­vis­ers pre­scribe a cus­tom­ized skin care reg­i­men from the brand’s prod­uct line.

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