“Wait...is that how i look?”

If you’ve ever been de­pressed by a photo of your­self, the an­swer might be…take more.

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i can count

on one hand the num­ber of self­ies I’ve taken. It’s not just be­cause I think it’s kind of ridicu­lous. It’s also that I re­ally don’t like how I look in pic­tures. If some­one points a cam­era in my di­rec­tion, I hide my face, like the pap­pa­razzi just caught me out­side Vakyl­rie.

I don’t think I’m unattrac­tive. But when I see my­self in pic­tures? Hor­ri­fied. My eyes go beady, my mouth nar­rows, my nose ex­pands. Those cheek­bones I thought I had? Gone. I start to won­der if the pho­tos are ac­tu­ally more ac­cu­rate. You might say that I have good self-es­teem but hor­ri­ble selfie-es­teem.

Around the time of my wed­ding, I was feel­ing par­tic­u­larly cam­era-shy. Would I love how I’d look on the big day, only to hate how I look in the pho­tos?

Hop­ing to over­come my photo aver­sion, I Googled hate how I look in pic­tures. I landed on Nolan Feeney’s ar­ti­cle for Theat­lantic.com, “Why Self­ies Some­times Look Weird to Their Sub­jects.” He writes about “mere­ex­po­sure hy­poth­e­sis,” which boils down to this: The more we see some­thing, the more we like it. It’s why I pre- Cos­mopoli­tan

APRIL 2016

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