F. A.W.Q.

( Fre­quent ly ASKED Wang QUES­TIONS)

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The late ’ 70s porn star had his in­sured for $14 mil­lion and de­scribed it as “big­ger than a pay phone, smaller than a cadil­lac.”


You don’t want to tug on it like taffy, but you don’t have to be overly cau­tious. Be­fore you pol­ish his knob with your hands and/or mouth, find his frenu­lum—the ridge be­low the head of the pe­nis— and run your pointed tongue along it. Be­come the Frenu­lum Whis­perer and you’ll have a de­voted manslave for life.


Be gen­tler dur­ing fore­play: a light tickle with your lips, tongue, or fin­ger­tips. When uncut guys are erect, the su­per-sen­si­tive fore­skin re­tracts. That skin will be your BFF: it gives you some­thing to move up and down with your hands (sans lube). Dur­ing mis­sion­ary, it cre­ates a ridge that rubs against your clit. in this case, more re­ally is more. In 2009, a par­tic­u­larly lyri­cal groupie ( preBey­oncé) de­scribed hov’s junk: “like a one- liter Pepsi bot­tle. It’s be­yond huge. It could block the sun.”

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