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net­flix is awe­some, but if you’re con­stantly home, you’re de­priv­ing your­selves of the chance to see each other all spruced up… and the chance for him to no­tice that oth­ers find you at­trac­tive. there’s noth­ing like a man watch­ing a room­ful of guys look his woman up and down to make him de­sire what he al­ready has (and vice versa). time, so any ev­i­dence that you too have a kinky plan goes far in mak­ing you a fix­ture in our bank of naughty thoughts. if you text him: “you have no idea what i’m plan­ning on do­ing to you later…,” his heart will beat twice as fast.

play With Him in Un­ex­pected Mo­ments

find ran­dom op­por­tu­ni­ties to build sex­ual ten­sion: play­fully brush against his pack­age un­der the ta­ble. or hint at a bj while he’s on a work call. ( He’ll have to stop you, but he’ll love that you’re ready to go.)

let Him know no­body Does it Bet­ter

a man’s sex­ual en­joy­ment is bound up with how de­sired he feels. tell him what he does to you turns you on like no one else. a lit­tle flat­tery goes a long way.

Make it okay to try new things

a lot of men love to take the lead sex­u­ally but don’t feel con­fi­dent ex­press­ing their un­spo­ken de­sires. Make him feel safe by tak­ing him to a sex shop, pick­ing out some­thing you like, and say­ing, “i’d love it if you’d use this on me.” that tells him it’s cool to share fan­tasies.

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