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mostly a’s liv­ing for the snaps You love a good thrill… if it in­volves hash­tags and hella Likes. For you, the big­gest risk is leav­ing your house with a low bat­tery. So­cial media is fun, but when it cuts into ad­ven­ture time IRL, you’ve got a prob­lem. Lose the charger cord, and see what life feels like with # Nofil­ter. Cos­mopoli­tan mostly B’s pro­ceed­ing with Cau­tion You’re al­ways down for a good time, given you’re home be­fore the clock strikes mid­night. Bal­ance is key, but end­ing the fun too early may paint you as a Deb­bie Downer. Try to live in the mo­ment, Cindy— your royal car­riage won’t turn into a pump­kin spice latte. mostly C’s act­ing first, think­ing later You’re the squad’s to­ken thrill seeker. But be­ing too ea­ger to flirt with dan­ger may be a dis­trac­tion from the real stresses in your life. We get it, ad­ven­ture is mad fun, but make sure the next time you swim with sharks, you have your life on lock.

a. b. c. a. b. APRIL 2016

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