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HIV is trans­ferred from one per­son to another through body flu­ids like se­men (pre-ejac­u­la­tion and ejac­u­late), vagi­nal se­cre­tions, blood (in­clud­ing men­strual blood), or breast milk. t he car­ri­ers of the virus tell us a lot about how it can be trans­mit­ted. HIV can be trans­mit­ted through un­pro­tected sex, blood through trans­fu­sion or shar­ing of nee­dles, breast milk, and if a woman with HIV gets preg­nant, there is a chance that she could trans­mit it to her un­born child. no. HIV is the virus that causes aids or ac­quired Im­mune de­fi­ciency syn­drome. you can have HIV but not aids. aids is a con­di­tion that de­vel­ops when HIV has se­ri­ously dam­aged the im­mune sys­tem, pre­vent­ing it from fight­ing off in­fec­tions that a healthy im­mune sys­tem could. w ith early di­ag­no­sis and proper man­age­ment through anti-retro­vi­ral ther­apy (a daily reg­i­men of medicines that sup­presses HIV and pre­vents it from pro­gress­ing to aids), some­one in­fected with HIV can live a long, pro­duc­tive, and nor­mal life. con­sis­tent use of con­doms is your best pro­tec­tion against sex­u­ally trans­mit­ted in­fec­tions like HIV. get tested reg­u­larly so you know your status. while there is no cure for HIV, it can be man­aged with anti-retro­vi­ral ther­apy (arv) drugs that work by sup­press­ing the HIV virus and pre­vent it from pro­gress­ing. free and con­fi­den­tial HIV test­ing is avail­able at the love your­self test­ing call 0915.366.5683 for more in­for- also an­swer ques­tions via pms sent philip­pines (ship) along shaw blvd. at ship through their face­book page get in touch with the doh epi­demiol- groups.

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