“But i’m not a slut. i don’t sleep around— that much.”

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To­day, dat­ing apps like Tin­der have made hook­ing up so much eas­ier that some­times “sleep­ing around a lot” be­comes very sub­jec­tive. Cas­san­dra and her girl­friends call the easy ac­cess to a bed friend “sex on de­mand made pos­si­ble with a sim­ple tap on the phone.”

“Be­fore, I met guys I dated or slept with at par­ties, at work, or through mu­tual friends. Now, with these dat­ing apps, you are lit­er­ally bring­ing a stranger to your bed. It’s kind of great and lib­er­at­ing, but also kind of scary, when you think about it,” she says. Sa­monte clar­i­fies, “There is a com­mon mis­con­cep­tion that you can­not get HIV if you don’t have sex a lot. Truth is, you can get HIV even if you just have un­pro­tected sex only once.” “It is really im­por­tant to use con­doms. That is the only way to stop the spread of HIV. That and check­ing your HIV status reg­u­larly,” Sa­monte em­pha­sizes.

Cas­san­dra re­cently got tested again. This time, her friend, Riki, 25, went with her. Riki is a les­bian who sleeps only with women, but has re­al­ized that her fe­male part­ners have had sex with guys and may have thus put her at risk.

The two set a date to get tested at the Love Your­self Clinic at Shaw Boule­vard in Man­daluy­ong. This time, Cas­san­dra was more con­fi­dent and se­cure. Imag­in­ing the same what ifs go­ing through Riki’s mind, Cas­san­dra calmly re­as­sured her as they waited for their turn. “I couldn’t help but no­tice that we were the only two women there. Thank­fully, ev­ery­thing about the cen­ter, the at­mos­phere and the coun­selors, made us feel at ease. There were no awk­ward mo­ments,” says Cas­san­dra.

Both their test re­sults came out neg­a­tive and the girls de­cided to openly cel­e­brate their status.“we took a selfie after our test and posted it on our so­cial me­dia ac­counts,” Cas­san­dra tells us. “We had a nice din­ner to­gether and talked about how we should sched­ule a reg­u­lar HIV test­ing date.” Cosmopolitan may 2016

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