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You were shout­ing over the music all night (when you weren’t singing along), and your voice is gone. “Nor­mally when some­one loses their voice, it’s be­cause the vo­cal cords have be­come in­flamed,” ex­plains Christo­pher Chang, MD, an oto­laryn­go­log­i­cal sur­geon in War­ren­ton, Vir­ginia. Plus, al­co­hol is a chem­i­cal ir­ri­tant that dries out the lin­ing of the throat. “Rest the voice to give it a chance to heal,” Dr. Chang ad­vises. If you can’t keep quiet, do in­stant dam­age con­trol by breath­ing in hu­mid air (take a hot shower) and drink­ing plenty of flu­ids. Warm chamomile, gin­ger, or pep­per­mint tea with honey can be ex­tra sooth­ing for both your throat and stom­ach.

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