Thigh mas­ter

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - Hot & Healthy - [b]. [ a]. sound OFF holm prefers quiet be­fore a fight (“i like to fo­cus. i like my thoughts”), but dur­ing runs, she opts for ’80s and ’90s jams. one of her fa­vorites: salt-n-pepa’s “push it.”

Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands in re­laxed fists at chest height in front of you. Step right foot back, and bend knees to lower into a lunge In one ex­plo­sive move­ment, push off right foot and shift weight onto left foot as you straighten left leg and draw right knee up to hip height, then kick right leg as high as pos­si­ble out to front Re­verse mo­tion to re­turn to the lunge. That’s 1 rep. Do 10, then switch sides to com­plete set. Do 4 sets.

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