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Send it to your barkada chat group, be­cause everyone in the photo is there. No post­ing un­less everyone agrees! b. Post it on Face­book and tag everyone for Lols—it’ll also re­mind everyone to sched­ule your bi-an­nual din­ner and inu­man sesh! c. Look at it and vaguely try to re­mem­ber the last time you saw everyone. You can’t—’cause you’ve been flak­ing on catchup din­ners.

3. Your BF of

for everyone to show up with booze and food. Speeches about what an ass­hole he is in­cluded. b. Text your best friend—she’ll let you wal­low while keep­ing you com­pany. c. You spend the next few days cry­ing and re-watch­ing Thatthing Called­tad­hana, while post­ing hugot quotes and an­gry pa-tama memes. Alone.

4. You’re look­ing

b. Nar­row down your choices to two and send pho­tos to the group to help you de­cide. You know they’ll be hon­est. c. Make a Pin­ter­est board and find a dress to fit your peg. Luck­ily you have your suki salesladies to help you.

5. it’s la­bor Day

Your gang is tight-knit and your bonds are pretty much un­break­able—time and dis­tance apart have proven it. You’ve let go of friends you never really got along with (and it’s okay), but you’ve kept the real ones close. You know that friend­ship isn’t about cliques and gangs, but it’s about in­di­vid­ual bonds with kin­dred spir­its. Keep ties with old friends, but continue to make new ones as you move on to new stages in life. mostly C’s: We’ve all been there— ques­tion­ing why we were ever friends with some peo­ple. Everyone needs to grow up and learn how to stand alone (with­out your barkada back­ing you up!), but blow­ing off your true friends too of­ten may leave you, well, friend­less. Don’t be afraid to nar­row down the list of peo­ple you run to and tell se­crets to, but re­mem­ber to value bonds formed over time, too. They won’t be around for­ever!

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