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sub­tly test the of­fice-hot­tie waters without risk­ing re­jec­tion...or your job. dat­ing ex­pert

tells how. Next time you’re go­ing out with work friends, ca­su­ally in­vite him along by say­ing, “You should come!” This gives him a low-stress chance to get to know you bet­ter without propos­ing a full-on date. Pos­ing it as a state­ment rather than a ques­tion makes him feel like he’s choos­ing to join rather than feel­ing pres­sured. When you’re out, ask: “What’s some­thing I’d never know about you from work?” It’s a sub­tle chal­lenge to prove he’s three- dimensional, and he’ll re­veal things other peo­ple at work don’t know—hello, emo­tional in­ti­macy! Men are drawn to the wo­man who knows them bet­ter than any­one else. Cos­mopoli­tan

Muscl e a ND F L ow june 2016

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