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You should never feel forced into hav­ing any kind of sex that you’re not su­per into. You’re smart to want to bring it up be­fore you hop into bed though, says sex­ol­o­gist Michael De­marco, PHD. Rather than blurt­ing, ‘I heard you’re into kink!” on a date, wait un­til you get to know him a lit­tle bet­ter (and see if you like the way he acts when you make out). You could say, “I’ve heard peo­ple are into kinky stuff, but I don’t know much about it.” That way, he’ll feel more com­fort­able open­ing up. If he says that he’s into rougher play in bed, then you’ll have to de­cide if he’s some­one you want to date. But if he clams up, he’s prob­a­bly not the right dude for you any­way, and it’s to­tally cool to drop a “kthanxbye.” June 2016 Cos­mopoli­tan

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