It high­lights a sense of ur­gency.

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If you’re in such dire need of tear­ing each other’s cloth­ing off

you’re prob­a­bly not paus­ing to dress up in fish­nets/break out the sex swing/come up with a crazy role-play sce­nario. What could be sex­ier than want­ing—and be­ing wanted by—another per­son so fer­vidly that it’s all you can do to get to the bed­room? Here and there, I find that need­ing to bone a per­son ASAP doesn’t even al­low for po­si­tions beyond mis­sion­ary. Im­me­di­acy leads to sex that won’t leave any­one wish­ing it had been any­thing but what it was. Hot, pas­sion­ate, and per­fect.

You can re­ally fo­cus on the feel­ings.

When you do with­out con­trap­tions, you and your part­ner will be fo­cused on each other’s nu­ances—in­stead of wor­ry­ing about whether you’re cy­cling through all the buzz modes on your vibe. When I’m hav­ing the best-ever sex with J., I’m rarely plan­ning my next move. In­stead, I’m ze­roed in on the rad things we’re ac­tu­ally do­ing and re­spond­ing ac­cord­ingly. I can take stock of how he re­acts when I touch harder or more lightly, slower or faster, or in a par­tic­u­lar place. Our bod­ies are our toys! Just pay at­ten­tion to how your boo breathes, moves, and re­acts to get him to an amaz­ing O.

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