If you’re usu­ally into a dif­fer­ent kind of sex, go­ing back to ba­sics can be a nice di­ver­sion.

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If you’re into be­ing ex­per­i­men­tal and naked at the same time, choos­ing to have sex in its most stripped-down for­mat is one of the most trans­gres­sive and sur­pris­ing things you can do for your­self and your part­ner(s). I like hav­ing con­ven­tional sex be­cause, after years of freaky­deaky be­hav­ior, it now feels more sub­ver­sive than en­tan­gle­ments that ne­ces­si­tate a trip to a sex shop first. (And let’s be real—that shit can get re­ally ex­pen­sive.) It’s re­fresh­ing to take a breather from reach­ing into the night­stand drawer ev­ery time I want to have in­ter­est­ing, in­ti­mate, stand­out sex. It even in­creases my ap­pre­ci­a­tion for those times when I do want to break out those elec­tri­cally charged fin­ger­tip vibes. Go back and think of three mind- blow­ing, su­per steamy ses­sions from your past, and com­pare them to three meh ones, sug­gests Emily Nagoski, PHD, author of Comeasy­ouare. Con­sider the who, what, when, where, and why of each, then fo­cus on all the “that was awe­some” parts to bring out your in­ner horn­dog. Mak­ing your en­vi­ron­ment sex- pos­i­tive helps your brain feel that way too. Wor­ried about your room­mate walk­ing in on you? Lock the door, or pick a time when you know she’s away. Ner­vous that Mom might call? Set your cell to “do not dis­turb.” That way, all you have to think about is the good feels be­tween you and your lo­vah. We all know that wear­ing a hot pair of cheekies will make you feel sexy AF. And a 2011 sur­vey shows that some women who wore fug undies ( you know, the ones with the bro­ken elas­tic that you’ve had since… high school?) said it ac­tu­ally busted their mood. Opt­ing for a G- string can prime your brain for some booty.

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