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While the lore goes that men morph into hi­ber­nat­ing griz­zlies 10 sec­onds after sex, it’s not to­tally un­heard of for you to feel like snooz­ing too. “When you or­gasm, sev­eral hor­mones are re­leased that have a re­lax­ing ef­fect,” say ob-gyn Lee Ellen Mor­rone, MD. So that crazy rush of oxy­tocin and va­so­pressin that come along with your O is prob­a­bly what’s mak­ing you all sleepy-bear too. Or de­pend­ing on the frisk­i­ness of your sex, it could just be that your body is beat. “If you’re us­ing mus­cles you don’t typ­i­cally use, sex can be an in­tense work­out,” Dr. Mor­rone says. Ei­ther way, it doesn’t mean that the sex was so bor­ing, it lulled you both into a deep slum­ber. In fact, it prob­a­bly means that the sex was amazzzzzzz-ing…and that you’re bound to have some sweet, sweet dreams.

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