Kiana va­len­ciano

This 23-year-old singer/fash­ion de­signer/blog­ger talks about the joys of get­ting out of your com­fort zone.

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Hap­pi­ness is…

know­ing THAT Good Work Takes Time I’m work­ing on my EP, but I don’t want to make any­thing that sounds rushed. It takes time to write songs from ex­pe­ri­ence, and I don’t want to re­lease any­thing that isn’t me, so I’m tak­ing my time. My mu­sic is in­flu­enced by R&B, elec­tronic mu­sic, and the ‘80s. I’m just put­ting to­gether all these dif­fer­ent sounds. I don’t even care about be­ing unique any­more, I just want to show peo­ple who I am and see how they take it. Philip­pine Pop­u­lar Mu­sic Fes­ti­val (PHILPOP) and asked me to sing it. At first, I felt like it wasn’t my thing be­cause I wanted my first sin­gle to be some­thing I wrote. It was a chal­lenge for me to con­nect with Philpop’s mar­ket since I’m more into in­die. But I knew PHILPOP would reach many more peo­ple than my usual lis­ten­ers, so I de­cided to try it and see where it would take me. And it was fun—i met new peo­ple, such as song­writ­ers who I would love to work with. It was a good ex­pe­ri­ence, all in all.


I like get­ting lost in a for­eign city. It’s re­ally scary, but when you find your way back it’s such a re­lief and it’s so re­ward­ing. While you’re lost, you’re not look­ing for any­thing, then you come across a nice café or bou­tique you wouldn’t have no­ticed oth­er­wise. When I travel for work, I have a trans­la­tor with me. But when I get lost by my­self, I just have to be like, “Hi, English, any­one?” It’s fun be­cause it’s like a so­cial chal­lenge. I used to have a re­ally hard time in­tro­duc­ing my­self to strangers and start­ing a con­ver­sa­tion. Trav­el­ing re­ally helped me with that be­cause if you’re on your own, you can’t rely on oth­ers to start a con­ver­sa­tion with you. You have to push your­self to get to know them or to get where you want to go.

killing HATERS WITH kind­ness

Some peo­ple diss my skin color, and it’s fine since I like stand­ing up for more­nas. I don’t let it get to me ’cause when I travel, peo­ple say, “I love your skin color! I love your hair!” Haters know noth­ing about you, and they’d prob­a­bly want to be your friend if they got to know you. Why would you feel bad about some­one who clearly has so much hate in them? Some­times I even fire back. But I don’t say any­thing mean. I PM them some­thing like, “Hate brews hate, love brews love. What’s the point of your mes­sage? What are you try­ing to prove? Any­way, I hope you don’t say this to any­one else. Just have a good day, God bless you.”

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