Get a Bal­le­rina Bod at Home

Barre stu­dios are hav­ing a se­ri­ous mo­ment—and with good rea­son. The tech­nique is an all-over toner that does a par­tic­u­larly good job of whit­tling the waist, lift­ing the butt, and im­prov­ing your pos­ture. This rou­tine, de­signed by An­drea Rogers, founder and

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - Hot & Healthy - Beginners Wel­come don’t be in­tim­i­dated by rogers’ per­fect tech­nique. she’s a for­mer dancer, but you don’t have to be. “our tagline is no tu­tus re­quired!”


Stand to the right of a chair, feet to­gether, hold­ing back of chair with left hand, right arm in a half cir­cle at chest. Lift heels, and bend knees slightly. Bend left knee more as you slide right leg to side [shown]. Re­verse mo­tion. Do 16 reps. On the last rep, keep leg ex­tended and pulse up 16 times. Switch sides to com­plete set.


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