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you al­ready have more willpower than you think. but who doesn’t need a lit­tle ex­tra?

Your #GOALS Are

man­i­fold: eat bet­ter, drink less, learn French, run a half marathon, save money. If only you had su­per­hu­man willpower, right?

You’re not giv­ing your­self enough credit, says Katha­rina Ber­necker, PHD, a uni­ver­sity of Zurich post­doc­toral stu­dent who stud­ies willpower. Most of us show a de­cent amount of self­con­trol daily: get­ting out of bed on time, not snap­ping at petty col­leagues, tak­ing care of an­noy­ing tasks. Those things might not seem like ac­com­plish­ments, but “any con­scious act in fa­vor of a long-term goal, like earn­ing money, over sat­is­fy­ing im­me­di­ate needs, like stay­ing in bed, is willpower,” she ex­plains.

That said, no one has as much self-con­trol as they want—which is why re­searchers are work­ing to fig­ure out ex­actly what willpower is and how to get more of it. What hap­pens in our head that stops us from hit­ting snooze again or reach­ing for that dough­nut is un­clear. Willpower is a con­cept in­vented by psy­chol­o­gists; neu­ro­sci­en­tists, on the other hand, tend Cos­mopoli­tan July 2016

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