Tell us about your (eight-year) friend­ship with tay­lor swift.

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - The Cosmo Interview -

Tay­lor is the most loyal friend any­one could ever have. She was one of the first peo­ple to see my video (“Good for You”) and she was so thrilled about it and told me how amaz­ing it was and how ex­cited she was for me. There’s al­ways some doubt in the back of your mind about whether you’re mov­ing in the right di­rec­tion mu­si­cally and Tay­lor is so smart and has very good in­stincts about mu­sic and about videos. It meant so much to be to know that she re­ally liked what we did on the video. and what is your take on Bey­oncé? Bey­oncé is a very pow­er­ful wo­man who has so much en­ergy and de­ter­mi­na­tion. She is one of the hard­est­work­ing artists in the busi­ness and has a beau­ti­ful sense of who she is and what she wants to ac­com­plish. She’s very in­spir­ing. I love Bey­oncé. What kind of work went into Re­vival and what mes­sage will it send to your fans? I’ve never worked harder on an al­bum. I spent a year in the stu­dio record­ing it and worked with amaz­ing peo­ple. It’s been an im­por­tant tran­si­tion on so many lev­els for me. I think peo­ple will see that this al­bum has so much more rel­e­vance to who I am as a young wo­man mak­ing her way in life like so many other women in their early 20s. I’m very proud of this al­bum—it’s a much more in­ti­mate and re­veal­ing picture of who I am. some of your songs re­flect a deeper, richer kind of vo­cal ex­pres­sion? It was a matter of find­ing my voice and my tone as a way of ex­press­ing the emo­tions I was feel­ing. It took me a year of work­ing on the al­bum to fi­nally find my voice. In some of my other al­bums I was us­ing my voice in a different way be­cause I al­ways had a lower reg­is­ter and I had a lot of in­se­cu­ri­ties about that. Now I don’t feel I need to push my­self to sing at

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