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it. And I couldn’t just set­tle for one brand of candy. I had to try all of them. I loved hav­ing the va­ri­ety. I can say I loved my girl­friends at the time, but did that stop me? No. A wom­an­izer, by my def­i­ni­tion, is some­one who dates mul­ti­ple women at the same time. Cheat­ing is when you’re dat­ing mul­ti­ple women while you’re at­tached. As long as you have a girl­friend and you sleep with some­one else or you have an in­ti­mate emo­tional con­nec­tion with some­one else, that’s cheat­ing. There’s no gray area, it’s as sim­ple as that. I’m not gonna lie, I cheated.

To tell you the truth, now that some­one asked me about it, I guess I started cheat­ing be­cause I was pres­sured by my friends to have a girl­friend. I also felt like I was cor­nered into com- mit­ting be­cause when I started sleep­ing with the woman who would be­come the first girl I cheated on, she im­me­di­ately in­tro­duced me to her fam­ily and her friends. I had no plans of com­mit­ting, so I never stopped sleep­ing with other women. I felt some guilt, but not enough to get me to stop.

Some of the girls I cheated with were FUBUS, some be­came longer re­la­tion­ships, but none of them ever knew I was see­ing other peo­ple. The most I ever jug­gled at one time was around five or six girls.

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