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If I have a son, or if a friend’s son ever comes up to me ask­ing about women, I’m go­ing to give him just one piece of ad­vice. I’m not go­ing to tell him not to date mul­ti­ple girls, but I will tell him that if he wants to see more than one woman, he’d bet­ter tell them about the others. If not, stick to one. Why? Be­cause dat­ing two or more women is not easy. It’s fuck­ing stress­ful. You’re not just wor­ry­ing about get­ting caught by a girl, you’re also wor­ry­ing about get­ting caught by friends. You don’t just have to know where the other girls are, you have to know where their friends are. It gets de­vi­ous.

I had to make crazy ex­cuses like driv­ing all the way to Shangri-la Plaza (my then-girl­friend was from Ala­bang) just to watch a movie be­cause I said I liked the seats there bet­ter. I was afraid of get­ting caught, and even if I knew I had my bases cov­ered, I was al­ways think­ing some­one

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