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It’s not that we dread va­ca­tions. no way! A trip, we love. It’s the plan­ning that we’ve been hard­wired deep in our lizard brains to detest. Sure, there’s the chore it­self—the browser tabs of travel sites, the pass­words for the Mileage­plu­sex­cal­ibur­what­ever™ pro­grams—but there’s some­thing more pow­er­ful at play too. There’s the tin­gling ter­ror of com­mit­ment… of fore­clos­ing choices. Maybe fares will drop! Maybe some­thing will come up! So we hold out, dou­bling down on the delu­sion that stay­ing flex­i­ble is stay­ing sen­si­ble. even when our op­tions nar­row—ho­tel va­can­cies van­ish, ticket prices sky­rocket, and the only seats to­gether are in the last row— a kind of mag­i­cal think­ing sets in. We re­solve to outsmart the prob­lems we cre­ate. We don’t need a flight if we find a train that con­nects to a bus… or isn’t there a ferry? We can be heroes! Al­though we never are. In the end, money is squan­dered, your pa­tience is shot, and we’ve left zero time for that other night­mare quandary of ours: pack­ing.

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