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“Take the test at least one day af­ter a missed pe­riod,” says ob-gyn Lau­ren Stre­icher, MD. Any sooner and you might get wishy-washy re­sults, es­pe­cially if you con­ceived late in your cy­cle and the egg is still trav­el­ing down the fal­lop­ian tube. If the test is neg­a­tive and you still don’t get your pe­riod within a week, take an­other one to be sure, says Dr. Stre­icher. Keep in mind that with drug­store pee sticks, the time of day that you use them mat­ters. Do it the first time you pee in the morn­ing, when your urine is con­cen­trated and you can be pos­i­tive it’s a solid read.

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