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This yoga-meets-strength rou­tine from trainer rupa me­hta, au­thor of re­quires co­or­di­na­tion, bal­ance, and fo­cus—you won’t have brainspace left for neg­a­tiv­ity.

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work­outsfor7­moods, By d anielle m Cnally be­fore you start the rou­tine, do each of the fol­low­ing for 1 minute to prep for the work­out.

se­lect a few words to de­fine how you feel right now. (“if you can name it, you can tame it,” says me­hta.)

think about how anx­i­ety is man­i­fest­ing it­self in your body.

re­peat a mantra. me­hta says stress of­ten comes from putting too much stake in both good and bad things, so try “i will be in the mo­ment.” then, do all the reps of each move in or­der. Thenalinimethod:7 stand with legs to­gether, feet par­al­lel, arms at sides. bend knees to lower into a squat and bring hands to­gether at chest [ Hold 5 breaths. With­out straight­en­ing knees, jump legs out so feet are wider than shoul­der-width [ B]. Jump feet back to­gether. that’s 1 rep. Do 20. af­ter last rep, ex­tend arms up and raise heels [ C]. Hold 5 sec­onds. Lower, and pause 10 sec­onds. that’s 1 rep. Do 4.

keep anx­i­ety at bay by do­ing the “rag doll” be­tween poses. stand with feet hip-width apart, legs straight. Bend in half at the hips, and let arms hang, grasp­ing el­bows with op­po­site hands. Hold 10 sec­onds.



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