Stiff, sore mus­cles

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the so­lu­tion

to in­crease co2, take in less oxy­gen. Hold­ing your breath can help (aim for around 10 sec­onds), as can breath­ing through one nos­tril.

the symp­tom

“When the body senses dan­ger, mus­cles tense,” says Win­ston. that re­flex can lead to tight­ness and pain in your neck, back, and shoul­ders. What’s more, as stress zaps en­ergy, your pos­ture goes to hell, putting pres­sure on your joints.

the so­lu­tion

can undo some of that ten­sion. try plac­ing your hands be­hind your head to open the chest, twist­ing side to side to re­lease back mus­cles. and sit up straight. When Univer­sity of auck­land re­searchers asked study par­tic­i­pants to com­plete a stress­ful task, those who used good seated pos­ture re­ported less stress and a bet­ter mood than those who slouched. as usual, mom was right.

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