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our brains and our bel­lies are con­nected by a su­per­high­way of neu­rons and hor­mones called the brain-gut axis. in­tense emo­tions can set off neu­ro­trans­mit­ters in the gi tract that cause the in­testines to con­tract more vig­or­ously (lead­ing to di­ar­rhea) or to slow down (which you feel as con­sti­pa­tion). stress can also trig­ger heart­burn, caused by stom­ach acid back­ing up into the esoph­a­gus.

the so­lu­tion

First off, maybe skip the hot wings af­ter a rough day. and be­fore a pres­sure-packed event, hit the gym. mood-el­e­vat­ing en­dor­phins can off­set stom­ach trou­ble be­fore it starts, says roshini raj, md, a gas­troen­terol­o­gist at NYU Lan­gone med­i­cal cen­ter. if stress al­ready has your in­sides on the fritz, an otc an­tidiar rheal, stool soft­ener, or heart­burn chew­able may set­tle things down. For fre­quent stom­ach is­sues that stress ex­ac­er­bates, like ibs, your doc may rec­om­mend an an­tide­pres­sant (there’s that mind-gut con­nec­tion) or a pro­bi­otic that boosts good gut bac­te­ria.

the symp­tom

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