WHY do GUYS… Col­lect dumb shit?

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You know in pi­rate movies when they find the hid­den pile of trea­sure with a skele­ton on top of it? Guys want to be that skele­ton. Our dream is to die on top of a gi­ant mound of our own stuff. Most of us can’t pull off an eye patch, so in­stead of plun­der­ing booty, we make that pile by col­lect­ing things: sports cards, comic books, ac­tion fig­ures, watches, records, etc. Col­lectibles can have value, but that’s not why we col­lect them ( like the skele­ton, we’d die be­fore we sell). Guys col­lect things be­cause it’s our way of lay­ing claim to a lit­tle piece of the world. We found it, we or­ga­nized it, we pro­tected it with plas­tic sleeves— it’s ours. and know­ing we’ve se­cured the col­lec­tion, we can die peace­fully, our legacy for­ever in­tact, thanks to our re­ally boss col­lec­tion of Star Wars beer steins. So, next time you find your guy hunched over a pile of He-man comics, mum­bling about “mint con­di­tion,” don’t freak. If this is the way we treat ran­dom pieces of pa­per and plas­tic, it’s proof that we’ll treat you as lov­ingly as our lim­ited- edi­tion Han Solo mug.

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