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Be­fore we get to po­si­tion­ing, it could be that you’re us­ing too much lube and it’s turn­ing your lady parts into a sex­ual Slip’n Slide. (We know the bot­tles can be big, but about a tea­spoon should do). Now that that’s out of the way, go for the X Marks the Spot move from Sex Po­si­tions­forevery­body, by sex­ol­o­gist Jill Mcde­vitt, PHD. In this awe­some twist on mis­sion­ary, lie on your back near the foot of the bed with your legs straight in the air. Cross your legs at your knees to make an X while your part­ner stands on the floor and en­ters you, hold­ing your legs for lever­age. “It’s a snug po­si­tion for him that also makes you feel tight,” says Mcde­vitt. It also works well with guys who are more to­ward the teeny-weeny end of the spec­trum. Best of all, you’ll both be su­per into it.

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