A be­gin­ner’s guide to the skin-sav­ing world of in­gestible col­la­gen.

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ever heard of drink­able col­la­gen? Yum!

Quick, think of a skin care in­gre­di­ent more as­so­ci­ated with pro­vid­ing tight, taut, un­blem­ished, pore­less skin and all-around youth­ful gor­geous­ness than col­la­gen. Can’t? Nei­ther can we.

There’s no deny­ing the clas­sic in­gre­di­ent is still one of the most im­por­tant buzz­words in the world of skin care, but though not much has changed about the claims col­la­gen makes to­wards beau­ti­fi­ca­tion, how it is in­tro­duced into our rou­tines has evolved.

En­ter: the in­gestibles. Col­la­gen has been a main­stay in anti-ag­ing creams for lit­er­ally decades, but in re­cent years, sparked by the East Asian trend of col­la­gen drinks, pills, pow­ders, even chew­able can­dies, and thanks to sev­eral stud­ies that claim in­gested col­la­gen’s higher levels of ef­fi­cacy, we’ve found our­selves putting down our jars of mois­tur­izer and in­stead crack­ing open blis­ter packs to feed our need to stay gor­geous and youth­ful for­ever.

BUT what is col­la­gen, even?

A pro­tein nat­u­rally found in our bod­ies, and in abun­dant quan­ti­ties at that, col­la­gen pro­vides struc­tural sup­port for our tis­sues (i.e. our skin, bones, mus­cles, ten­dons, and lig­a­ments). It makes up nearly 25 per­cent of our bod­ies, and 75 per­cent of our skin, mak­ing it a very, very im­por­tant sub­stance in­deed.

We’re born with tons of the stuff, which partly ex­plains why ba­bies have the most gor­geous skin ever. By our early 20s, how­ever, our nat­u­ral abil­ity to pro­duce col­la­gen be­gins to slow down and, cou­pled with years of exposure to the sun, pol­lu­tion, and the ter­ri­ble life­style habits that ac­com­pany mod­ern life, the amount of col­la­gen found in the body starts to de­crease. This, in turn, leads to less ra­di­ant skin, weaker bones and joints and, some claim, de­creased me­tab­o­lism that all add up to an over­all lower level of health.

Re­plen­ish­ing the col­la­gen in our bod­ies, though, is made faster and eas­ier with in­gestible col­la­gen. Most read­ily avail­able in cap­sule or pow­der form in the Philip­pines, in­gestible col­la­gen’s claims are myr­iad. Ben­e­fits in­clude healthy skin, nails, bones, joints, and hair, but also, ac- cord­ing to some stud­ies, im­proved di­ges­tion and in­creased me­tab­o­lism.

great, how Do i start?

If you’re in­ter­ested in in­te­grat­ing col­la­gen into your rou­tine, we rec­om­mend keep­ing two things in mind: First, check the in­gre­di­ent list of what­ever sup­ple­ment it is you’re tak­ing. Top brands like Kor­agem Pre­mium (P300/10 cap­sules), Belo Neu­traceu­ti­cals Col­la­gen Pow­der Drink (P1,593/box of 14), and Po­tion ivi Pre­mium Col­la­gen Pow­der Drink (P1,595/box of 14) are made of hy­drolized marine-derived col­la­gen, mean­ing the col­la­gen is pro­cessed for eas­ier ab­sorp­tion. Each brand blends the col­la­gen with other amino acids to in­crease ab­sorp­tion and to im­prove palata­bil­ity, so be sure you aren’t al­ler­gic to any­thing listed. Most doc­tors agree that there are no neg­a­tive side-ef­fects to con­sum­ing col­la­gen, though most stress not tak­ing any sup­ple­ments if you’re preg­nant or breast­feed­ing.

Sec­ond, don’t ex­pect im­me­di­ate re­sults with in­gestible col­la­gen. Al­though anec­do­tal ev­i­dence sug­gests ef­fects after about two weeks of con­sis­tent use, this is one of those long-term in­vest­ments, so don’t feel bad if you don’t see changes after you chug your first col­la­gen cock­tail (Note: we do not rec­om­mend mix­ing it with al­co­hol). Changes will come soon enough, so keep at it!

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