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There’s no bet­ter way to turn 20 than this su­per­star’s first solo Cosmo cover.

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This is the in­ex­pli­ca­ble magic of Maine Men­doza: Even when she’s sick, she’s still the most radiant per­son in the room. Her secret for­mula? In an in­dus­try where a well-man­u­fac­tured smile was the norm, she went against the cur­rent and made faces. When the cam­eras stop click­ing, she blinks and al­lows her­self small men­tal breaks—a tem­po­rary es­cape from the flurry of 30-odd peo­ple sur­round­ing her—but when pho­tog­ra­pher and con­stant col­lab­o­ra­tor Mark Nic­dao shouts, “Let’s do this!” it’s as if an imag­i­nary light switches on, and Maine has risen above her own body. The pierc­ing eyes. The wide grin that’s graced many an EDSA bill­board. She nearly falls over back­wards in her five-inch stilet­tos but makes an im­pec­ca­ble re­cov­ery by play­ing it off as a faux high- fasyon pose. “O, diba?” she ex­claims, and the whole room erupts in re­lieved laugh­ter. If Maine Men­doza can sol­dier through, then damn it, so can we.

it’s been a while since you be­came an overnight sen­sa­tion via your dub­s­mash videos. has your celebrity sta­tus sunk in yet?

It’s still sur­real for me, kasi hindi na­man ako sanay sa gani­tong

“Off-cam me is the com­plete op­po­site of Yaya Dub— parang al­ter ego ko siya.‘ Yung mga hindi ko gi­na­gawa in real life, sa TV ko nalal­abas.”

at­ten­tion. Pero ngayon, na- ex­pose na rin ako sa iba’t ibang en­vi­ron­ment at sa iba’t ibang tra­baho. I feel like my be­ing a “celebrity” is never go­ing to fully sink in for me. I can’t re­fer to my­self as a celebrity. Sig­uro, Dub­s­masher na lang!

You’re not afraid to be your­self with your fans, which is re­fresh­ing to see. How dif­fer­ent is off-cam Maine from on-cam Maine?

One of the biggest mis­con­cep­tions about me is that the way I am on-cam is the way I am all the time, be­cause I’m not afraid to look goofy and outgoing. Off-cam me is the com­plete op­po­site of Yaya Dub—

parang al­ter ego ko siya. ‘Yung mga hindi ko gi­na­gawa in real life, sa TV ko nalal­abas. When I’m alone, quiet ako. I have my own world.

How would you char­ac­ter­ize your growth as an ac­tress th­ese past few years? What are you look­ing to im­prove on?

I feel like I’m not in the po­si­tion to an­swer that ques­tion. Feel­ing ko,

hindi ko pwe­deng i- de­scribe ‘yung growth ko as an ac­tress with­out sound­ing ar­ro­gant and cocky. Baka

‘yung mga di­rec­tors ko and peo­ple I’ve had the chance to work with ang mas makakasagot niyan.

Des­tined tobe yours is your first tele­serye. What was it like to ad­just and go into “tele­serye mode” af­ter noontime shows and rom-com films?

Oh my God, I think you should ask my han­dler! So­brang hi­rap po. Can I be hon­est? Isa ‘to sa biggest chal­lenges

na hi­narap ko sa show­biz. Dito sin­ubok la­hat sa akin, eh. Una pa lang, gigis­ing

ka nang alas kwa­tro ng umaga. That was a big ad­just­ment for me be­cause I’m a night per­son. Also, I had to con­stantly im­prove as an ac­tress. I’ve learned that a soap opera is the ul­ti­mate bap­tism of fire for any ac­tress.

It’s clear that you’ve proven the naysay­ers wrong, but was there ever a time in your ca­reer that you had dif­fi­culty deal­ing with bash­ers?

Per­son­ally, I’m used to neg­a­tive stuff be­cause I’m a pes­simist. Sanay ako

sa mga ganyan. Some­times I take the time to visit their ac­counts to see the nasty things they say about me. Alam

mo, min­san, ‘yun ang nila- lunch ko: the bash­ers and the haters. [laughs] But I’ve re­al­ized the best way to deal with them is to ig­nore them. Haters crave at­ten­tion, so ‘wag mo nang ibi­gay sa kanila ‘yun. They’ll get tired and give up even­tu­ally.

What is the best thing a fan has ever said or done for you?

As sim­ple as it sounds, it’s ev­ery time a fan says, “You make me happy.” Malak­ing bagay na sa akin ‘yun.

What’s your take on the con­cept of a woman’s beauty?

A woman’s beauty is based on her char­ac­ter: how you view peo­ple, whether or not you treat them with re­spect. And I think to be beau­ti­ful, you just have to be con­fi­dent. You have to be true to your­self and to ev­ery­one around you. Peo­ple can tell if you’re be­ing fake.

What are your thoughts on ro­man­tic love at this point in your life? Would you con­sider it a pri­or­ity?

Not re­ally, but... hay nako, word vomit na na­man! Pero kung du­mat­ing, eh ‘di go lang. Hindi ko na­man ‘yun ipa­pagkait sa sar­ili ko.

How would you de­scribe the evo­lu­tion of your re­la­tion­ship with Alden?

My re­la­tion­ship with Alden is like a never-end­ing process of get­ting to know one another. Ev­ery time we bond, meron kam­ing nalala­man na bago sa isa’t isa. As we go along, we’re go­ing to learn a lot more.

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