Com­ing off a steam­ing-hot sum­mer, it’s time to cool down and fo­cus. A stack of plan­ets in re­al­is­tic Virgo in­vites you to de-clut­ter. On the 22nd, the Sun mov­ing into Libra will nudge you to prob­lem-solve like a boss all month.

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0 9. 2 3 - 10. 2 2 Life has felt out of your con­trol, but take a breath. A gen­er­ous act will sur­prise you on the 2nd, lift­ing your spir­its in a ma­jor way. You will feel more cen­tered on the 22nd, when the Sun moves into your sign. Aim high and fol­low through on your dreams—naughty and oth­er­wise.

Yo U Need: To trust that the uni­verse has your back.

Libra GUY: Boo is moody at the mo’, but sen­sual tub time for two will ease his ten­sion. 10. 2 3 - 1 1 . 2 1 This is a to­tal slam­dunk month for you—and the 12th will be your half-court bas­ket day. Cel­e­brate all the good on the 19th, when an op­po­si­tion be­tween Mercury and Nep­tune helps con­nect you with the peo­ple you love. Avoid burnout with some out­door me time. Yo U Need: Praise! Take a bow.

scorpio GUY: He’s crush­ing work, so werk the sitch to your ad­van­tage by cel­e­brat­ing with him all night long. 1 1 . 2 2- 12 . 2 1 Things are look­ing up. Since 2014, dis­ci­plined Saturn has been in your sign, bring­ing tough lessons. But you’re about to reap re­wards ma­jorly: Five plan­ets are now in your fame and suc­cess zone! Set high goals on the 20th, then re­con­nect with your tribe.

You Need: Togo with your gut. Sagittarius GUY: The fu­ture’s so bright, he’s wear­ing shades. Bond over dar­ing new ideas— in the bed­room and be­yond. 1 2 . 2 2- 0 1 .1 9 You are on the verge of a tran­si­tion, so skip slow and steady and be bold! Don’t be afraid to make changes when the Sun forms a har­mo­nious as­pect to pow­er­ful Pluto on the 9th. Be open to chance meet­ings on the 28th—some­one new could spice up your life.

You Need: To tap into your fun, fear­less side. Capricorn GUY: He’s ready to see the sights. So pack a bag, buy a ticket, and ex­plore the world (and each other). 0 1 . 2 0 - 0 2 . 18 You’ve been on a wild ride re­cently, and your most im­por­tant re­la­tion­ships may be in need of some TLC. On the 18th, lov­ing Venus in­flu­ences your ruler Uranus and brings an un­for­get­table night that re­minds you who you re­ally care about.

Yo U Need: To tune out dis­trac­tions. AQUA RI Us GUY: He’s open­ing up about his deep­est feels. Lend a lov­ing... ear. 0 2. 1 9 - 0 3 . 2 0 Ro­mance is com­ing for you! If you’re on the hunt for some­one new, the 6th is a fan­tas­tic time to swipe right on any promis­ing prospects. Taken? Your sex life is about to sky­rocket. The 29th is a per­fect day for that smol­der-fest. Fo­cus on fi­nance at month’s end.

Yo U Need: A wardrobe pick-me-up. Pisces GUY: Some­one’s frisky! Let out your in­ner kitty to make him re­ally purr. 0 3 . 2 1 - 0 4 . 19 Your plate is over­flow­ing this month, so re­mem­ber: The more or­ga­nized you are, the more you will thrive (and take ad­van­tage of a cre­ativ­ity boost on the 2nd). Time out­side will bol­ster you, as will find­ing time for friends, old and new. Say yes to happy hour!

Yo U Need: To recom­mit to your health.

Ar I es GUY: He hat es ask­ing for help, but he needs it. Give him some af­ter-hours sup­port.

0 4 . 2 0 - 05. 2 1 You’ve been crush­ing your pro­fes­sional game, but all work and no play can make you a snooze, so chan­nel your silly side. The 12th will be a huge day for love when your ruler Venus makes an am­i­ca­ble as­pect to prag­matic Saturn. A new moon on the 20th ig­nites your cre­ative juices.

YOU need: The fun! Revel in it.

Taurus Guy: Meet Mr. Con­fi­dent. Get your goofy on, and let your freak flags fly high to­gether. 05. 2 2- 0 6 . 2 0 As busy sum­mer comes to an end, you are in need of some se­ri­ous chill time. Put some ef­fort into mak­ing your home a cozy oa­sis. Then get ready for a big ca­reer push on the 6th, when the Full Moon falls into your zone of fame and suc­cess. It’s time to daz­zle your team with fresh ideas that sparkle. Say hola to a new beau on the 22nd. YOU need: To fol­low your heart.

Gemini Guy: He’ s on edge—plan a stay­ca­tion to mel­low him out. 0 6 . 2 1 - 0 7. 2 2 All your friends want to hang right now, and you’ll feel en­er­gized when flit­ting from party to party. But leave room in your sched­ule for some sexy time, es­pe­cially around the 9th, when the Sun and sturdy Pluto are in your re­la­tion­ship zone. Not feel­ing it? Wait un­til af­ter the 28th.

YOU need: To flex your flirt mus­cles.

Can­cer Guy: He is busy AF but still wants his nookie nights with you. 0 7. 2 3 - 0 8 . 2 2 You’ve been on a roll at work, and it’s pay­ing off. Lock down a big project on the 2nd, when Mars makes a per­fect as­pect to Uranus. By the end of the month, you’ll be look­ing to get buck wild, so say hello to Mr. Right Now on the 22nd, when the Sun moves into coy Libra!

YOU need: To be present in this fab mo­ment.

Leo Guy: He’ s in a giv­ing mood—let him sat­isfy you in ev­ery sin­gle way.

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