Let’s Get Real

Cosmopolitan (Philippines) - - From The Editor - Marla Mini­ano, Edi­tor in Chief

“Imean, he doesn’t even know who Thomas Mars is.” I am at the salon one af­ter­noon when this state­ment punc­tures the par­tial si­lence of­fered by my red plas­tic ear caps. In the mir­ror, I dis­creetly check out who this in­cred­u­lous Phoenix fan is, but my view is ob­structed by at­ten­dants and steam­ing ap­pa­ra­tus.

“So what did you do?” an­other voice—her friend’s, I as­sume—pipes up. “Wala, I ghosted him,” Phoenix Fan says flip­pantly. “Ha?” Phoenix Fan’s Friend asks. “I thought you said he was nice and cute.” She sounds frus­trated. So am I.

I know, I know. For most of us, “nice and cute” just won’t cut it. And right­fully so. We de­serve more than nice and cute. We de­serve smart and in­ter­est­ing and gen­er­ous and tal­ented and kind­hearted and fun.

It’s the non­cha­lant ghost­ing I can’t quite get be­hind. Be­cause if we can muster the courage to put our­selves out there and nav­i­gate the dat­ing world, don’t we owe it to our­selves to muster the courage to end things clearly and can­didly as well? To take own­er­ship of our feel­ings and not hide be­hind cheeky, shal­low terms like ghost­ing, benching, and bread crumb­ing? To be re­spon­si­ble enough to claim our hy­per­crit­i­cism (which we’re en­ti­tled to, don’t get me wrong) and say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can be with you if you don’t know who Thomas Mars is”?

In this is­sue, Cosmo urges you to choose hon­esty. Whether it’s with the men you meet on­line (“In De­fense of Dat­ing Apps”), your fe­male friends (“The Art of War”), or your­self (“Is He Re­ally Emo­tion­ally Un­avail­able or Are You Ex­pect­ing Too Much?”), we can all ben­e­fit from a bit more #truth in our lives. Even if it means ac­knowl­edg­ing parts of our­selves—our su­per­fi­cial stan­dards, our in­se­cu­ri­ties, or our fear of end­ing up alone—that we might not be so happy about. It’s a step in the right di­rec­tion. We trust you’ll take it.

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