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Stel­lar Gifts: You are ul­tra-or­ga­nized and to­tally pa­tient.

Blind Spots: Try to stay self-aware and tuned into oth­ers’ per­cep­tions.

Your month: Don’t be afraid to stand cen­ter stage, es­pe­cially early in the month, when a sur­pris­ing dude could sweep you off your feet. The 20th is the per­fect time to set sky-high goals for the rest of the year. You’re on fire, so en­joy it!

your Year: Ex­pect dozens of swan ky in­vite sand gen­er­ous of­fers. Try not to get swept up in the chaos—stay loyal to trusted friends and fam­ily, and only say yes to things you ac­tu­ally want to do. Novem­ber and Jan­uary will be red-hot months for love. You need: To be open to new peo­ple, ideas, and con­nec­tions.

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