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When real life is scarier than fic­tion.

“One of my cousins had died of leukemia re­cently. About a week after her burial, one of their yayas went to the kitchen and found the ghost of my cousin sit­ting at her usual place at the din­ing ta­ble, ask­ing for her fa­vorite break­fast—eggs and long­gan­isa. She shed tears as she pre­pared them for her.” — Jose, 20 “When I was 12, I used to bike around my vil­lage ev­ery af­ter­noon. There was a route the neigh­bors said you had to avoid be­cause the mango tree in the area was sup­pos­edly cursed. One day, I de­cided to use that route. Out of the cor­ner of my eye, I could see a tall, ex­tremely thin, mon­strous crea­ture with scythe-like blades for limbs run­ning right next to me, as if it were try­ing to cap­ture me. I biked as hard as I could un­til I got home.” —michel, 19 “I was watch­ing TV alone when I heard rustling com­ing from the win­dow to my left. When I peered out­side, I saw a woman in a wed­ding dress, com­pletely cov­ered in blood. She had long black hair, but she didn’t have a face. My heart stopped, and I ran straight to my room. —Chanel, 20 “The sec­ond floor of our child­hood home al­ways creeped me out, so I never went there alone. One night, I was un­ex­pect­edly left home alone, and I heard voices from up­stairs. When I went to the foot of the stairs to in­spect, I caught a glimpse of a lit­tle boy run­ning out of my room and into my par­ents’ room. I waited out­side un­til my fam­ily came back.” —Gil­lian, 22 “This hap­pened in broad day­light. I was do­ing home­work across from my brother at the din­ing ta­ble. Without flinch­ing, he looked up and said, ‘ Ate, there was a dead man be­hind you. He just smiled, tipped his hat, and dis­ap­peared.’ He’s had a third eye since we were kids, so he wasn’t fazed, but I was be­side my­self with ter­ror.” —yna, 23 “It was around 4:30 AM, and I was hav­ing trou­ble sleep­ing. From out of nowhere I heard some­body say ‘psst.’ Ter­ri­fied but cu­ri­ous, I said ‘psst’ back. Then I heard a gig­gle, after which I felt my blan­ket be­ing pulled from me. I held onto it tighter and waited in ter­ror un­til the sun rose.” —Cass, 21

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