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1. HOR­MONE PILLS. Testos­terone block­ers and es­tro­gen sup­ple­ments help keep my skin healthy, soft, and sup­ple. 2. LE­MON WA­TER. Upon wak­ing up, I drink two glasses of warm le­mon wa­ter. I don’t eat or in­gest any­thing un­til 30 min­utes after. This is an old Ja­panese tra­di­tion that helps with di­ges­tion. 3. GREEN TEA AND

ACV. I drink two to three cups of green tea ev­ery day. I add two ta­ble­spoons of ap­ple cider vine­gar to at least one cup of green tea as my pick-me-up. Green tea keeps my tummy flat and ACV helps in di­ges­tion and detox­i­fi­ca­tion!

4. SWEETS. I try to avoid sweets as much as I can, in­dulging only on week­ends. Sweets are the en­emy if you want clear skin and a flat tummy!

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