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If the idea of div­ing straight into a pub­lic skills swap makes you feel a bit anx­ious, get some friends to­gether and or­ga­nize one your­self.

1 in­vite friends

Ask three friends (or four or five, de­pend­ing on how big you want your event to be) to take part in your skills swap­ping ses­sion. Ask them to each in­vite an­other friend so you broaden the range of skills.

2 find the Skills Shar­ers

Prior to the event, iden­tify three peo­ple who are com­fort­able with shar­ing their skills. Ask them to pre­pare a “les­son” and to make sure they have enough ma­te­ri­als, if re­quired, for the learn­ing of their skill. (For ex­am­ple: if you’re be­ing taught how to code, you’ll need lap­tops, soft­ware, and scripts.)

3 Set it up

De­cide on a venue and time, and ask every­one to bring some­thing to con­trib­ute to­wards the evening, so no one feels un­der fi­nan­cial pres­sure to sup­ply food and drinks for ev­ery­body.

4 Get it on

On the night, split into groups (one for each skill be­ing taught)—or per­haps you’ll just fo­cus on one skill for the whole group. Make sure you ro­tate and ask a lot of ques­tions.

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