Venus and Mars act to­gether with the full moon on the 5th, shed­ding a spot­light on iffy re­la­tion­ships and lead­ing you to stronger ones. This month, ex­am­ine your bud­get and as­sume con­trol of your bank.

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10. 2 3 - 1 1 . 2 1

Oc­to­ber is here for you, girl! You may meet a hot man on the 1st, when as­sertive Mars and in­tense Pluto work some magic on your be­half. On the 10th, abun­dant Jupiter moves into your sign for the first time in years, mean­ing this is the mo­ment to make your dreams a re­al­ity! You Ne ed: To tie up loose ends.

scorpio GU Y : Your vibes dic­tate his mood, so stay up­beat, and sexy fun will fol­low.

1 1 . 2 2- 12 . 2 1

Look out for love: The Full Moon on the 5th will bring about a hot new boy who may be fun to play with for more than a minute. But keep work at the fore­front—the spot­light is on you, and ma­jor wins could lead to big ca­reer ups. Take some time to revel in your suc­cesses on the 22nd.

You Need : Nights out to net­work like a boss. Sagittarius GUY : He’s on a to­tal hot streak. En­joy the bed­room fire­works!

1 2 . 2 2- 0 1 .1 9

Hear that? It’s the sound of things click­ing into place. The 14th is a for­tu­nate day, when Venus slides into your zone of fame and suc­cess. This shift hap­pens only once a year, so take a leap, then cel­e­brate with your squad. Make time on the 27th to start a cre­ative new project. You Ne e D : Some time to ap­pre­ci­ate how far you’ve come. c Apri­corn GU Y : 9-to-5 is tak­ing over his life, but steamy time alone is key.

0 1 . 2 0 - 0 2 . 18

Money on your mind? If you’ve been fret­ting over your wal­let lately, the 3rd is an ideal day to ask an ad­viser for fi­nan­cial ad­vice. Jupiter ar­rives in your tri­umphant zone on the 10th, which may sig­nal a fab new gig. Seize the chance to daz­zle your boss.

You Ne ed: To en­joy the un­ex­pected. AQUAR­IUs GUY : He’s up for any­thing. Plan a get­away, stat.

0 2. 1 9 - 0 3 . 2 0

This is go­ing to be an in­tense month—some­one im­por­tant will en­ter your work or ro­man­tic world and shake things up. Be op­ti­mistic, es­pe­cially on the 5th, when Venus and Mars en­ter your re­la­tion­ship zone. The 24th is ideal for go­ing on an ad­ven­ture.

You Ne ed: Clar­ity about your goals.

Pisces GU Y : What he craves with you RN is time to talk... among other things.

0 3 . 2 1 - 0 4 . 19

Turn the page and get ready for new be­gin­nings. A fo­cus on your loved ones will be re­warded. You’ll re­al­ize work goals on the 5th, one of your best days, when the Full Moon is in your sign. Your love life will heat up too, but stay fo­cused by tak­ing time to get or­ga­nized around the 22nd.

You Ne ed: Al­lies! Don’t go it alone.

A r Ie s GU Y : Home­boy is flak­ing hard. Call him out and he’ll make it up to you.

0 4 . 2 0 - 05. 2 1

Sul­try Venus unites with her cos­mic lover, Mars, in your sign on the 5th, mak­ing this a smol­der­ing month for lurve. The 26th will be an ex­tra-hot day, so be bold and ask him for what you want. Ex­plore your fan­tasies—you never know un­less you try! You Ne ed: To trust your gut.

TAUR U s GU Y : The stars are aligned for him. His good luck could lead to a pos­i­tive break­through.

05. 2 2- 0 6 . 2 0

The ar­range­ment of plan­ets in your true love zone is mak­ing your so­cial life siz­zle. The 15th is ideal to brain­storm big life plans, since in­tel­li­gent Mercury’s op­po­si­tion to vi­sion­ary Uranus revs your cre­ative flow. Be open on the 22nd—a new smoke show may put you on cloud nine.

You need: Chill down­time.

gemi ni gu Y : His great mood is con­ta­gious, and he’s us­ing his ex­tra en­ergy to make you feel oh-so-good too.

0 6 . 2 1 - 0 7. 2 2

Is drama at home keep­ing you up at night? If you’re think­ing about mov­ing, this is the time, but the jour­ney may not be easy. On the 14th, things will smooth out when Venus hits your do­mes­tic zone. Host a party, and get ready for tons of ro­mance. This is a year for love!

You need: A quiet and happy home base.

c A ncer gu Y : His life is chaotic, but the mess isn’t about you. Lit­tle things will cheer him up.

0 7. 2 3 - 0 8 . 2 2

This month, life will be on warp speed. Your per­se­ver­ance may be re­warded with a ca­reer bonus, so splurge on some sweet swag. Big ideas may lead to break­throughs around the 15th. En­joy nest­ing time to­ward the end of the month, then con­sider throw­ing an epic Halloween bash. You ne e d: To pace your­self.

Leo guy : He’s go­ing in a mil­lion di­rec­tions—a cozy night à deux will help him fo­cus.

0 8. 2 3 - 0 9. 2 2

You’ll be on fire after your birthday, and things hit a thrilling cli­max on the 5th, when ac­tive Mars and lov­ing Venus unite in your sign. By the end of the month, your so­cial cal­en­dar will be booked—and on the 29th, some­one you meet at a party may rock your world.

You ne e d: Strength to stick to your guns.

V I Rgo gu Y : He’s not the best mind reader, so ask for the QT you need.

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