How to make it in the lit­er­ary in­dus­try

There are many ways, says Jen­nifer E. Smith, best­selling author of The Sta­tis­ti­cal prob­a­bil­ity of Love at First Sight and new book Wind­fall. This is hers.

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Think of re­jec­tions as step­ping stones.

be­fore Sta­tis­ti­cal Prob­a­bil­ity be­came a global suc­cess, she wrote two books that barely sold any copies and an­other two that never made it to print.

know how The in­dus­try works.

“I’m a much bet­ter writer and ed­i­tor for hav­ing been both for a few years.”

re­mem­ber why you started.

” This is the heart­beat un­der­neath my 10 years in the in­dus­try: I’d be do­ing this even if no one was read­ing my work. That’s just ic­ing on the cake— but the truth is, there’s so much more ic­ing than cake!”

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