Tunes to keep you com­pany while on the road.

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SONGS ABOUT RUN­NING AWAY and go­ing on the road are al­most al­ways about love, be­cause the ro­mance of travel is best shared with that spe­cial some­one. Lone­some trav­el­ers on the other hand, may sing of that dread­ful long­ing to go back home, but what they re­ally feel is a des­per­ate ache to re­turn to the per­son wait­ing for them. These songs show just that—home is not a place, but a feel­ing. Here are the songs to keep you com­pany as you drive away from that feel­ing, and back.

“Odyssey” by HOME

It’s gonna be a long ride. Ev­ery odyssey starts best with a deep breath, and a cin­e­matic in­tro­duc­tion of strings as mu­si­cal score, courtesy of


“Have Love, Will

Travel” by The Son­ics

What bet­ter way to get you pumped up for your trip than a clas­sic proto- punk road­trip tune? Even if you’re not driv­ing as far as “Maine to Mex­ico,” this rein­car­na­tion of the Richard Berry hit is guar­an­teed to get you off to a

good start.

“Reelin’ in the

Years” by Steely Dan

Ev­ery road trip with friends re­quires a sing- along track some­where in the playlist. “Reelin’ in the Years” is one of those songs that are per­fect for these


“Let’s Get Out of

This Coun­try” by Cam­era Ob­scura

Damn right, every­body wants to get out of this coun­try. Cam­era Ob­scura said it best.

“The Golden Age”

by Beck

The open­ing track of Beck’s sad­dest al­bum ever. Ev­ery part of this song— the acous­tic rhythm, the slide gui­tar, the

glock­en­spiel— is heavy with in­tense sen­ti­ment. It re­ally feels like a golden age when­ever you’re driv­ing alone, away from the weight of the world’s prob­lems.

“Oh, the Places We’ll Go” by LAKE

“Oh, the places we’ll go! Oh, we don’t ac­tu­ally know!” Dr. Seuss would have been proud of this charm­ing pop ditty.

“This Must Be the Place ( Naive

Melody)” by Talk­ing Heads

“It’s the great­est love song ever made,” mu­si­cian and Talk­ing Heads fan Diego Castillo once de­clared. Enough said.

“Truckin’” by Grate­ful Dead

You’re on the road now and there’s no go­ing back. De­spite strange en­coun­ters and mis­for­tunes on the way, if ever there may be, you just gotta “keep truckin’ on,” says the swash­buck­ling

men of the Grate­ful Dead.

“Mud­died- up” by Shel­leyan


Caro­line Craw­ley soared above the rest dur­ing that New Wave era of ethe­real voices. She’s the rea­son

why putting a Shel­leyan Or­phan song on the stereo is like putting a pil­low un­der your head.

“Lov­ingly, Leav­ing Me” by Mem­ory Draw­ers

Here is a song about happy good­byes. What might seem like a throw­away track on the In­ter­net by anonymous artist Mem­ory Draw­ers is ac­tu­ally a gem among many other lo­cal indie songs hid­den in name­less guises, wait­ing to

be found.

“Ever Fall­ing in

Love” by Times New Vik­ing

“A love song about all the places you’ve never been. Be happy with what you are dealt,” Times New Vik­ing wrote in a note about this par­tic­u­lar

track un­der their most re­cent al­bum,

Dancer Equired. The band has been

known for their lo- fi sound and semi

cryp­tic lyrics.

“Tak­ing Off” by Beach Fos­sils

A life spent on the road can be filled with toxic rou­tine

and rep­e­ti­tion. Go­ing away from home and back too

of­ten can make you feel “numb,” as Beach Fos­sils sings. “Am I ex­cited or am I just so con­fused?” Some­times you just don’t know


“Depre­ston” by Court­ney


If Paul McCart­ney and Bob Dy­lan had a bas­tard child ( and if it were pos­si­ble), it would be Court­ney

Bar­nett. On this song, she fills us in on the mis­er­able life

in the sub­urbs of Preston, Mel­bourne.

“Leav­ing Home”

by Big Scary

A heart-wrench­ing tune and the sound of a path be­ing paved to a sad end­ing. “Leav­ing Home” for the most part is filled with trem­bling

re­straint and an im­pend­ing doom. The crash comes in, and the song breaks

into pieces.

“My Lit­tle Cor­ner of

the World” by Yo La Tengo

It’s a lover’s tempt­ing of­fer to run away in the mid­dle of the night. And if you can’t come, he or she will stay with you none­the­less, and sing you to sleep with this lullaby


“Ba­lik­bayan Box” by Eraser­heads

What’s in­side your

ba­lik­bayan box? Is it full of stick­ers, posters, clothes, or toys? It doesn’t matter, be­cause the

great­est gift you can send back home is your­self. Wel­come home, wher­ever you

are now.

“Fish Song” by Ari­gato, Hato!

“I want to travel by your side to see the sea and ride the tide.” Ari­gato, Hato!’s sin­gle is a sweet elec­tronic

bird­song (or fish­song, if you will) as well as a lovely les­son in mod­est


“Lost with You”

by Eg­g­boy

It’s good to get lost once in a while. It’s a chance to spend

more time with the per­son sit­ting shot­gun be­side you. This song by Diego Mapa’s un­sung pro­ject Eg­g­boy proves that when your maps go miss­ing, it’s gonna

be okay.

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