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Aman with a plan is one who, more of­ten than not, walks on the sun­nier side of the street, no mat­ter how bumpy the path. It’s ac­tu­ally no sur­prise that men who live each day in such a zeal­ous man­ner get to tick off more to-do’s from their multi-cat­e­gor­i­cal list.

For the man who thinks ahead, hav­ing the ca­pac­ity to pre­pare for the worst of sce­nar­ios. All the while car­ry­ing a pos­i­tive out­look and steely re­solve to im­ple­ment an in­fal­li­ble strat­egy, re­quires faith, dili­gence, but above all, com­mon sense. Af­ter all, who doesn’t want to have a con­tin­gency plan for when life sud­denly plucks you from your rou­tine and throws un­be­liev­ably reck­less curve­balls?

On the other hand, it takes a huge amount of courage to ad­mit this to your­self, es­pe­cially if you hap­pen to be that guy who hasn’t con­sid­ered adopt­ing the “man with a plan” ap­proach yet. How can you bet­ter pro­tect, pre­serve, and cher­ish ev­ery­thing you’ve worked so very hard for if it hasn’t even oc­curred to you to safe­guard your­self? How­ever, if you still feel that “care­free” and “devil-may-care” are solid qual­i­ties that best fit your unique style, you might want to think again.


No mat­ter how you look at it, health is wealth. That’s as real a state­ment gets. So, what does com­mon sense tell you when it comes to pri­or­i­tiz­ing your health, which re­ally is your num­ber one as­set? While you can­not stop the wear and tear of your body as you pur­sue your dreams, there is a way to safe­guard your fu­ture so you don’t lose ev­ery­thing you’ve worked for. Global Health Ac­cess is a world­wide com­pre­hen­sive health in­sur­ance plan that keeps you bat­tle-ready for any­thing that dares threaten your well-be­ing. Be­ing ten steps ahead of any and ev­ery un­ex­pected ill­ness is your best bet to keep adding years to your life.


Let’s face it: hu­man life is frag­ile. It pays to know­ingly give your­self the best chances of sur­vival ev­ery sin­gle day when you are at your strong­est, so you can pre­pare for when you are at your weak­est. Sign­ing up for AXA Philip­pines’ Global Health Ac­cess means that you don’t have to be strapped for op­tions in health­care be­cause you will have ac­cess to ex­ten­sive med­i­cal care any­where around the world for up to Php 150M in an­nual cov­er­age. Ad­di­tion­ally, you have the op­tion of set­tling med­i­cal ex­penses via cash­less trans­ac­tions within AXA’s global net­work of hos­pi­tals. Best part of all, you can choose the physi­cian who would over­see your case. With Global Health Ac­cess, you can sleep bet­ter at night know­ing that you’re cov­ered. This is one smart move that sep­a­rates the men from the boys; the achiev­ers from the av­er­age Juans.


Time is a fleet­ing com­mod­ity that’s wasted on the young. More of­ten than not, the folly of youth makes us think that we’re in­fal­li­ble. Still, don’t wait un­til it’s too late. Global Health Ac­cess of­fers round-the-clock pro­fes­sional sup­port for any health and med­i­cal query you may have, and a global concierge that can help in flight and travel ar­range­ments for treat­ments, hospi­tal trans­fers, and other sched­ule or­ga­ni­za­tion aids in be­tween. There’s al­ways time to make that cru­cial switch from be­ing some­one who has lit­tle-to-zero vi­sion to a per­son who aims to bet­ter him­self and his sit­u­a­tion.

For those who want a more ac­tive ex­pe­ri­ence in the wilder­ness, the hotel will pack lunches for hiking trips and pro­vides moun­tain bikes free of charge.

Be­sides the ca­ble car, there is also the chair­lift that take you fur­ther into the moun­tain. Guests have un­lim­ited ac­cess to both. At least one trip in the chair­lift is rec­om­mended to take in the views from near the sum­mit of the moun­tain. A short hike away from the chair­lift is a small chapel where rem­nants of me­dieval fres­cos have some­how sur­vived through the cen­turies.

An­other op­tion is to take the ca­ble car back down the moun­tain to ex­plore the town of Lana and South Ty­rol’s unique cul­ture. It was a part of Aus­tria un­til World War I, so most of the res­i­dents’ first lan­guage is Ger­man. To­day, a unique mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism has emerged where spaghetti and schnitzel meet. The best way to en­joy the unique South Ty­rolean cui­sine is at the ho­tels two restau­rants: Ida Sub of­fers typ­i­cal South Ty­rolean cui­sine with heavy Aus­trian in­flu­ence. Up­stairs at Restau­rant 1500, dishes in­clud­ing veal, veni­son, and truf­fle dishes take ad­van­tage of the fresh pro­duce. The view here is one of the best on the moun­tain, and the hotel takes full ad­van­tage of it. The venue is also used for the hotel’s buf­fet break­fasts where Aus­trian pret­zels, a plethora of rare lo­cal cheeses, and fresh fruit should give you am­ple fuel for a moun­tain hike. The views how­ever will en­cour­age you to linger and re­lax. En­joy the view one more time over a short cup of Ital­ian espresso.

When you’ve al­ready se­cured your wealth, it’s time to se­cure your health.

With AXA’s Global Health Ac­cess, se­cure your health with the best health­care any­where in the world.

AC­TIVE SEEKER The hotel has tons of hiking and bik­ing trips for the ad­ven­ter­ous.

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