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We try two of the best NON-SUR­GI­CAL LIFT­ING TREAT­MENTS so that you don’t have to!

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THERMAGE The treat­ment em­ploys a patented ra­diofre­quency (RF) tech­nol­ogy called Ther­maCool Sys­tem, which has been clin­i­cally proven to tighten and gen­tly lift skin to smooth out wrin­kles and de­fine fa­cial con­tours. Over time, new col­la­gen is pro­duced to fur­ther tighten skin, re­sult­ing in health­ier, smoother skin and a more youth­ful ap­pear­ance.

TAR­GET AR­EAS Face, neck, eyes, body. The pro­ce­dure can take any­where from a few min­utes to an hour.

PAIN FAC­TOR Two. The Ther­maCool de­vice uses a so­phis­ti­cated treat­ment tip called Ther­maTip, which de­liv­ers a con­trolled amount of RF en­ergy. With each touch of the Ther­maTip de­vice, you will ex­pe­ri­ence a brief, deep heat­ing sen­sa­tion as the RF en­ergy is de­liv­ered to your skin and un­der­ly­ing tis­sue.

RE­SULTS De­pend­ing on your skin type, you may see some slight swelling af­ter the treat­ment (though many also show im­me­di­ate tight­en­ing and smooth­ing re­sults), but Thermage stud­ies show that mea­sur­able tight­en­ing im­prove­ments ap­pear grad­u­ally over two to six months af­ter a sin­gle treat­ment ses­sion.

FRE­QUENCY One treat­ment lasts be­tween 12 to 24 months. Belo Med­i­cal Group, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza Mall HOLLYWOODLIFT FA­CIAL

The Hol­ly­wood Lift brings back the strength and tight­ness of your mus­cles. It works on two levels: first, on a su­per­fi­cial level by in­fus­ing col­la­gen and firm­ing serum to the lower lay­ers of the skin and sec­ond, on the mus­cu­lar level by us­ing mi­crocur­rents to reed­u­cate, tone, and tighten.

TAR­GET AR­EAS Face, arms, thighs, and ab­domen. The Hol­ly­wood Lift’s mi­crocur­rent tech­nol­ogy starts as a small wave on the skin and ex­pands as it hits the mus­cle, min­i­miz­ing the sen­sa­tion on the skin but max­i­miz­ing the ef­fect on the mus­cle.

PAIN FAC­TOR Zero. It be­gins with ul­tra­sonic skin peel­ing by lightly run­ning an ac­tu­a­tor over the skin. The ther­a­pists then use cot­ton-tipped wands with cur­rents to gen­tly grab and hold the mus­cles. Then, en­hanced tis­sue re­pair pads are ap­plied onto skin prob­lem ar­eas. Lastly, the wrin­kle comb is used over ar­eas where lines have formed, or where they are about to. The fa­cial’s fi­nal touch is a last wave of col­la­gen in­fu­sion and mois­tur­izer.

RE­SULTS The ef­fects last be­tween four to six weeks. Af­ter more treat­ments, the mus­cle be­comes stronger and the ef­fects last longer. Those over 30 are recommended to have 10 ini­tial treat­ments, two to three times a week. Af­ter the ini­tial course is com­pleted, ef­fects last four to six weeks.

FRE­QUENCY The Hol­ly­wood Lift can be a pre­ven­tive mea­sure that can be done once a month if your look­ing to pre-empt skin aging. How­ever, for those seek­ing the full ben­e­fits of the non-sur­gi­cal facelift, 10 ini­tial ses­sions are recommended at two to three times a week. Af­ter which, the fa­cial will only be needed once ev­ery month.

Ra­diofre­quency tech­nol­ogy and mi­crocur­rents will keep you from look­ing like this guy. Thank you, sci­ence.

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