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WORK, AS THE SMITHS RE­MINDED US, IS A FOUR-LETTER WORD. Nei­ther prece­dent nor pop cul­ture teaches us that work should be some­thing to en­joy, ergo the maxim that urges you to “choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The mod­ern Filipino is, I think, very good at find­ing work that doesn’t have the weight of work—we’re very good at find­ing work that we love, in other words, or find­ing a way to love the work that we do. It’s some­thing that oc­cu­pies 8 to 10 hours of your day, so it cer­tainly has to be some­thing that doesn’t weigh on your soul. What’s bet­ter than find­ing some­thing to do that is good, sat­is­fy­ing, and, com­fort­able to boot?

How in­ter­est­ing that it’s an idea that has spilled over to the way we dress while we’re at work. We’ve long left be­hind the idea that work should be ex­clu­sively done in clothes that make us feel like, well, work­ing stiffs. The way we dress re­flects the mod­ern ap­proach to work: we keep things sim­ple, el­e­gant, ex­cel­lent, while our per­son­al­i­ties round things off and make it all dis­tinct and spe­cial.

The clothes fea­tured here are time­less but mod­ern, and strong but sub­dued, so that the out­fits al­low the man to speak for him­self, and for the work to shine on its own. It’s a plea­sure for Esquire Philip­pines to col­lab­o­rate with Uniqlo to present these to you, the work­ing man.

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