The new COLD BREW TREND that peo­ple should start rav­ing about.

Esquire (Philippines) - - MAN AT HIS BEST - By Kara Or­tiga Pho­to­graphs by Sam Lim

AT FIRST GLANCE, the Nitro 7 Cof­fee and Tea bar that has made its pres­ence felt in a num­ber of bustling lo­ca­tions will def­i­nitely catch your eye. They’ve got spouts set up like they’re run­ning some kind of mo­bile pub—ex­cept their menu con­sists en­tirely of cof­fee and tea. Out of cu­rios­ity, I de­cided to give it a try... not ex­pect­ing much, to be hon­est, ex­cept an­other gim­mick, per­haps. I or­dered the vanilla breve: a mix­ture of nitro brewed cof­fee on ice, half-and-half, and a pump of vanilla syrup. My im­me­di­ate re­ac­tion: holy cow— this shit is good.

Here’s a lit­tle bit of a back­ground about this thing called nitro brew: in­fused with ni­tro­gen, cold brew cof­fee is run through a con­trap­tion ex­actly like they use in beer, through a pres­sur­ized valve with tiny holes. The re­sult is a drink that is so smooth and creamy, you’ll for­get your drink­ing cof­fee, un­til the caf­feine kicks in.

I like my cof­fee black, so their nitro black hit the right spot. Us­ing Ethiopian beans in their brew is low on acid­ity and bit­ter­ness, cre­at­ing the per­fect black cup. And while I’m not nor­mally a white-coffe drinker, I wouldn’t mind in­dulging in their iced lat­tés. They have a con­coc­tion of half-and-half that is deca­dent, un­like any other latte served in the mar­ket.

They also have other play­ful fla­vors like the ir­ish crème, ha­zlenut caramel mocha, and even the pep­per­mint mocha, all of which may tilt to­ward the over­pow­er­ingly sweet, but there’s no doubt that white-cof­fee lovers will be all over th­ese mixes. In the works, they say, are fra­puc­ci­nos and even spiked cold brews. Don’t mind if we do.

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