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Pen Pals

Do food blog­gers pump blood into the veins of the lo­cal food in­dus­try? I would like to be­lieve so, as they not only help spread word about a brand, but more im­por­tantly, play a role in cre­at­ing it as well. Hear from a rec­og­nized PR ex­pert and the blog­gers them­selves by flip­ping to page 59.

Po­lit­i­cally Cor­rect

At a time when restau­rants love fus­ing cuisines and rein­ter­pret­ing the clas­sics, where does cul­tural ap­pro­pri­a­tion fit in? Strik­ing the bal­ance be­tween tra­di­tion and mod­ern in­ter­pre­ta­tion may prove to be tricky. Then again, it can also be solved by sim­ply us­ing the right dish name. Our lo­cal chefs weigh in on the mat­ter. Check page 33.

Hun­gry for More

The thirst for knowl­edge started last year but ral­lied on this 2016. Peo­ple are more in­ter­ested in what they eat and they’re us­ing this new­found wis­dom to de­fine their eat­ing habits, even in restau­rants. So, do cus­tomers have the right to tell chefs how they want their food to be cooked? Cover boy JP An­glo shares his two cents on page 51.


A lot of chefs, mostly those who have amassed power and fame, are us­ing their in­flu­ence to take on more roles and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, mostly to stage so­cial change. Not only do they work more closely now with sci­en­tists and artists, but they have be­come those them­selves. Turn to page 28 to read the spe­cial re­port of CatchOn. Ev­ery is­sue gives me a chance to col­lect a wealth of knowl­edge about the world of F&B, be it a food fad wait­ing to hap­pen or in­ter­est­ing sto­ries that in­volve key play­ers in the in­dus­try.

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